Castor Fernandez
Painter - Sculptor - Set Designer
7 Jul 2018 Burnaby Arts Council - Park's Edge Paint Off Category: Other Venue: Burnaby, BC, Canada
3-2-1 . . . PAINT! The final words one often hears when entering the colour massacres of live painting competitions. Usually a short amount of time, a palette of colours, brush in hand and an audience of eager onlookers excited about what creations lay in store from the competitors. Vancouver has seen a plethora of new live painting events pop up in recent years. This is the 3rd year featuring Park’s Edge Paint Off: Live International Painting Tournament. Many people have never seen how paintings are created and it is an exciting spectacle to get a glimpse of what the creative process looks like first hand.

There will also be a silent auction of the Paint Off artworks. The artists gets 50 per cent of the proceeds, with the other 50 per cent going to the council, which puts on the free event.

The featured artists taking part in the paint off include Yukiko Adachi, Flavia Chan, Alyx Essers, Cas Fernandez, Brianna Nilsson, Juan Pablo Vargo and more.