Castor Fernandez
Painter - Sculptor - Set Designer


-Historic Church on Sherbrooke Street, Montreal, -Character Home in Vancouver, -Ancient Arches, Santiago, Spain -Fraser River Tugboat, Vancouver  -Seville, Spain -Santiago de Compostela, Spain -Street in Santiago Spain -Los Cabos, Mexico -English Bay, Vancouver -Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Pond, Vancouver -Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Park, Vancouver -Vancouver's Famous Steam Clock  -Earthy -Inspirational Abstract - The Untitled one -Wolves - Polar Bear  -Hunter -Wine and Cheese -Vase with Flowers & Strawberries -Tea Time -The Secret -Einstein Portrait -Little Ben" in front of Big Ben  These are ones that caught my eye the most. Unbelievable, super beautiful colors, so alive, truly artistic, Truly talented. . Beautiful Art. Love the paintings , I must of looked at all them over 10 times, truly amazing talent. I was writing my thoughts and I sent my first comment by accident. Just want to say, I loved all the paintings, but my favorite ones I wrote them down one by one Sophia Iglesias
Sophia Iglesias - 10 Nov 2021
Wow, beautiful paintings, really artistic. Love the colors, so colorful. So realistic ,you brought paintings to life. Very creative abstract , beautiful colors blending together
Sophia Iglesias - 10 Nov 2021
I really like your paintings. You are creative. I'd like to show you my art sometime. I really like to paint too. Mabel Chau 403, Bloomfield
Mabel Chau - 20 Oct 2020
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